Our Work

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Cochrane Library Editorial

In 2022 we published an editorial on the Cochrane Library, "Protecting human health in a time of climate change: how Cochrane should respond," outlining how Cochrane can help meet decision-makers' needs in the area of the health impacts of climate change.

Current projects

Our group is currently working on four projects:

  • Developing and validating a set of climate-health search filters.   This is led by Maria-Inti Metzendorf (Germany).
  • A three-year project with the Office of National Statistics of the National Health Service in the UK,  titled, "Developing standards and models for describing the interaction of climate and health in global official statistics."  Our group will contribute expertise in evidence synthesis and knowledge translation to this initiative.  Principal contributors are Denise Thomson (Canada), Richard Webster (Canada), and Taryn Young (South Africa).  This is our only funded project.
  • A manuscript led by Tara Chen (Canada and Taiwan), "Building a climate resilient health workforce: Integrating a Climate Lens into the Design of Education Programs for Health Professionals," is under review at BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine.  A further series of articles for BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine is planned.
  • A scoping review on published evidence syntheses on climate-health topics is being led by Denise Thomson (Canada).

Future projects

A number of projects are planned depending on capacity of the group.