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The Climate-Health Working Group is an ad hoc group of people from many different parts of Cochrane, as well as other organizations.  We are working on several projects at the moment.  In the long term we hope to become a more formal entity within Cochrane.

Cochrane Climate-Health Working Group - About Us

Humanity is facing an urgent crisis of climate change.  The changing climate is having, and will continue to have, widespread and severe impacts on global human health.  Our group believes that Cochrane has an important role to play in preparing and disseminating evidence syntheses relevant to the health impacts of climate change.  Although there are many groups working in the area of addressing climate change-related problems, Cochrane can play a unique role due to its focus on health and established track record in producing high-quality syntheses. 

Our group is interested in the potential of evidence syntheses to make a contribution to the discussion of the impacts of climate change on human health and health systems, with a focus on how Cochrane can be part of this contribution. We are discussing the range of the methods and advocacy issues related to producing and disseminating evidence syntheses relevant to climate-health impacts. 

As a leader in the field of evidence synthesis, Cochrane is in a position to lead on methodological considerations for reviews within this topic, as well as to publish quality reviews in this area.  How can Cochrane members draw on our expertise and commitment to producing relevant and rigorous reviews in order to address the health impacts of climate change?  Our group members believe there are opportunities for authors, review (editorial) groups, methods and geographic groups, Fields and others connected with Cochrane to contribute.

We are currently considering options for how we can move from being an informal working group to a more formal entity within Cochrane.

We are always happy to welcome new people.  Please contact Denise Thomson (she/her), dthomson (at) ualberta (dot) ca, for more information or to ask to be added to the mailing list.